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Q: What happens when my dog gets groomed?


A: Grooming a dog entails several different stages, all designed to make your pet feel and look the best that they can. If your dog is getting a lot of hair cut off we may start by doing a pre clip. This is clipping off the majority of the hair before the bathing so we are not wasting time washing and drying hair that will ultimately be clipped off! 


We then take the dog to the bathing room where they will be shampooed with hypoallergenic shampoo in our Hydrobath. The Hydrobath uses modern technology to deliver a shampoo and warm water mix through a shower head that penetrates water in a massaging action all over the body. This ensures that the dog is thoroughly cleaned and the massaging action can ease aching and arthritic joints. If you have opted for conditioner/facial/mudbath then this will be applied before a rinse with fresh warm water. 


Once out of the bath, it’s time for a blow-dry! The blow drying not only dries and warms but lets us see right down to the skin and identify any potential skin problems, parasites or matted fur. This is a great time for us to do a top to tail health check as we can see all over the body underneath the fur.


Once clean and dry it’s time to head over to the styling table. Here we will be cutting the nails, cleansing the ears if necessary and completing the hair styling. Hair styling options vary widely - some dogs need clipping, some need deshedding (removal of dead hair) and some just need a good brush. If there is excess hair in between the paw pads then it gets clipped out, allowing your  dog better traction on the floor and reducing the risk of debris getting stuck in between the pads. 

Bottom and genital hair may also be clipped to help these areas stay free from dirt, urine and faeces. 


After the hair style has been completed and the dog has been checked and checked again for any stray hairs we complete the experience with a fine misting of coat perfume to leave your dog smelling sweet. A full groom can take anything from 45 minutes to 4 hours depending on breed and size of dog.


Q: Do I need to bring anything with me?


A: Apart from your dog, no! We provide everything from shampoo to leads and collars which will keep your dog safe whilst being groomed. The only exception would be if your dog has any sort of medication that may be needed in an emergency, for example epilepsy medication. You will be required to declare all injuries, illnesses and allergies at registration.


Q: Can I stay during the groom?


A: We do not allow owners to stay during the groom apart from in exceptional circumstances. This is because it is a a big distraction for both dog and groomer and does not lead to a relaxing grooming experience for your pet.


Q: My dog is in season, what do I do?


A: Please give us a call if your dog is in season. Depending on which stage of the cycle she is in and which other dogs are booked in at the same time we may still be able to groom a bitch on heat.


Q: My dog is sick, should I still come?


A: If you think that your dog is feeling unwell, please give us a call. It is normally best to postpone the groom to when your pet is feeling their best but we may be able to help your dog feel better. For example if they are suffering with itchy, dry skin or an ear problem then we may be able to help alleviate the symptoms whilst you seek veterinary advice.


Q: My dog has had surgery recently, can I still bring them?


A: Normally you should allow at least 14 days post surgery before taking your dog for a groom but every dog is different. Please confirm with your vet when your animal is safe to be groomed. We can offer home visits for any urgent grooming needs so please give us a call if you have any questions.


Q: I’m really nervous about leaving my dog, will they be ok?


A: Every single dog will have a different experience and no one dog is the same. Some can initially be nervous and then settle down fairly quickly and others will be fine right from the start. The important thing is that you show them that grooming is a fun and positive activity as when you are nervous or upset your dog will pick up on it and become stressed. Please feel free to call us and have a chat with us if you are nervous, we will be happy to talk you through the whole process and reassure you. We know how difficult it is leaving your dog in a new place which is why we are happy to answer any questions - don’t be afraid to ask!


Q: My dog’s fur hasn’t grown back very much, should I delay their groom


A: Although you may not think the fur has grown back much and doesn’t look a lot longer, dog’s that need regular hair cuts are advised to stick to a set schedule and here are the reasons. We are not just cutting the hair, we are also keeping the skin free from dust and dander that can sit dormant and cause irritation. We want the fur to be kept in great condition, we don’t want it to be overgrown and likely to matt, so we want to do a hair cut before it’s at a length where this is a risk.  It is important for dog’s to stick to a schedule so it becomes part of their routine, this means that the dog is used to being groomed and therefore had a much more pawsitive experience!

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