We are now offering an ultrasound teeth cleaning treatment!


A completely non - evasive procedure to protect your pet from oral disease and tooth loss. 

- No sedation

- Kills bacteria under the gumline

-No more bad breath

Call the shop to enquire and book today: 01442 258555

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Puppy package £25+

For pups 6mths and under that are fully vaccinated. 

The earlier a puppy experiences a groom, the more they’ll love it! This is a gentle introduction to the grooming salon and we recommend bringing your puppy as early as possible. Your pup will receive a relaxing bath, blow dry and brush, which is then followed by their first experience of the scissors and clippers. 

Groom includes: 

Bath & Blow dry

Brush to remove any tangles 

Eye/Paw tidy up

Hygiene clip

Nail clipping & Ear cleaning 

Spritz of cologne 

Bath & Blowdry £25+ 

Perfect to keep your dog smelling and looking great. 

We know how much they love fox poo! 

Groom includes: 

Bath & Blow dry

Nail clipping & Ear cleaning 

Spritz of cologne 

Health & Hygiene £30+

This groom is perfect for in between full grooms or if your pooch needs a freshen up! The hygiene clip is the removal of hair from in-between your pooch’s pads, the bottom area and the private area.

Groom includes: 

Bath & Blow dry

Hygiene clip 

Eye/Paw tidy

Nail Clipping & Ear cleaning

Spritz of cologne

Full re-groom £40+

This groom includes a full restyle of your dogs coat, choose whether you want a style that is easy to maintain or maybe something a bit snazzy, nothing is too tricky for us! 

Groom includes: 

Bath & Blow dry

Full restyle of your dogs coat

Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning 

Spritz of cologne

Pamper session £45+

Our pamper packages are uniquely tailored to your dog’s individual needs. A pamper session typically includes a luxurious bath using our finest products. 

We will give your dog a relaxing massage and use our revitalizing conditioner, which will nourish your dogs coat and soothe the skin.  Our famous blueberry facial is also included and will remove any muck from around the face and have your dog smelling amazing! We also include a teeth clean and scrape to remove any plaque build up and have your dogs breath smelling fresh.

Groom includes:  

Luxury bath- Doggy massage, revitalizing conditioner & blueberry facial 

Blow dry 

Full restyle of dogs coat 

Nail clipping & Ear cleaning 

Teeth clean and whiten 

Spritz of cologne 


Hand stripping £40+

Hand stripping is only required for certain coat types and is the process of pulling your dogs hair out from the root instead of clipping or scissoring the coat. 

Groom includes: 

Same treatments as a full groom but the coat will be hand stripped instead. 


De-shedding £30+ 

This is for those dogs who are extra furry and are shedding lots of fur. Using a mixture of our high velocity dryers and our de-shedding tools we will remove all the dead fur from your dogs undercoat. 

Groom includes: 

Bath & Blow dry


Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning 

Spritz of cologne

-All prices are dependent on the size, breed and condition of the dog. 

-Anal expression & ear plucking are included in all grooms, but will only be done when requested. 


Blueberry facial £3

A doggy facial designed to deep clean the facial area and help clear tear stains.


Flea treatment £5

Unfortunately fleas and dogs sometimes just get a little bit too friendly!


Standard teeth clean/whiten £5

Helps to eliminate bad breath and gets rid of plaque and tartar build up.


Ultrasound teeth cleaning (each session approximately 30mins)

Initial consultation and treatment - £30

Any further treatments - £15

Nail clipping on its own £5

Get your pet in for their regular pedicure!

Cats & small animals 

Cats: Specific area clip from £25

Nails - £5

Other treatments - price upon request






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