Biothane Collar

Four sizes 

Range of colours

Perfect for the winter months!


>Wipe clean 

>Mould proof

>More durable than leather

Fabric Collars

3 sizes 

Two hardware options 

Unique prints that will make your dog stand out from the crowd! 

Flashing Collar Tags

5 colours 

3 light settings

Keep your dog safe by making them visible!

Doggy Perfume

Fragrances for girls and boys

A great way to keep your pooch smelling amazing in between grooms.

Bow Ties
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Matching prints available in collars and leads

No dogs wardrobe is complete without a bow tie! 

Personalised ID Tags

Range of designs and colours

Engraved in time for when you collect your dog. 

Biothane Leads

Range of colours 

Metal hardware 

 Stylish vibrant colours to make even the gloomiest of winter days bright.

Durable and waterproof to withstand the Great British weather. 

Fabric Leads

Metal hardware 

Unique fabrics

Complete your set with a new lead!

Slicker Brush

No more knots!

The perfect brush to keep away the tangles.